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TLTP News is one of the most trusted sources of independent newsgathering as it has been covering developments since 2018. While acquiring information in line with the Right to Information Law, TLTP relies on readers and knowledgeable sources of information to keep the world informed.
Confidentiality is the most important factor in news business for an informed society under the principle of openness so we are open to cater for justified information to disseminate locally and around the globe as everyone has the right to get information, entertainment and education.

Through Mail
You can contact us in a safe and confidential way while posting information via postal mail from post office letterboxes, installed around the country. TLTP legal team is ready to probe into a matter under the four corners of the law after which dissemination of information to media houses would be arranged through TLTP News service within reasonable time.

Our mailing address:
TLTP News Head Office
Flat No.314,
Al-Safa Heights-II,
Street 73, F-11/1,
Islamabad- Pakistan

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